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There are many other activities to mix in to your temple touring; overnight trips to more remote areas, excursions by boat, horseback riding, visits to fair-trade handicraft workshops, silk farms, fishing villages, treks to the villages, or for an even more rewarding experience you may choose to visit one of the local schools. We are happy to design a complete Tour Package (including accommodations) so that you can relax and savor every moment.

Explore Cambodia with us and discover the real magic in this Kingdom of Wonder.

Temple Tours


It's probably why you're here! Take a moment to do a bit of research and tell us exactly where you want to go. We'll get you there at the best times Or, tell us your travel style and we'll work out the details. Every tour is customized for you.


Night Life

Troll the Night Market for souvenirs, crafts & foot massages. Do some people watching and enjoy the restaurants & bars on Pub Street.  Hang out like a local at 60 Road.  Have a Karaoke Night or a Pub Crawl. It's all here.

Foodie Tour


Want to try the street food but scared of the "aftermath"? No worries, you can go out on our street food tour and sample the local delicacies in our tried and true spots. Siem Reap has become a true foodie destination; look in your room for Lori's current restaurant picks.  

Culture & Art


Traditional Dance, Fire Puppets, Artisans D'Angkor, Ceramics, The Phare Circus, Art Galleries, live music, the Bambu Theater, various festivals, ceremonies and celebrations.

Get Well


Join Marina on the rooftop for morning or evening Yoga. Ask about booking a Yoga Retreat.

Do a juice cleanse at Vibe. Join the monks for evening meditation. Ride a bike in the countryside. Have the kind of massage you've only ever dreamed of. Be happy.

Join the Tribe


Get Lost

There are amazing adventures to be had, interesting people to meet, extraordinary vistas to behold. Talk to us about what you're up for and we'll help you see Cambodia off grid.

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